Will He or Won’t He: The Peyton Manning Edition

Anyone who watches enough ESPN or NFL Network has probably already grown tired of the speculation as to whether Peyton Manning will or won’t be ready for the Colts opening day match-up versus the Texans in a little bit over two weeks. Spoiler alert: whether he or the Colts actually know it now or not, he will play. We all know this right now but that won’t stop us from hearing about it incessantly possibly all the way up until 90 minutes before the game.

“The lockout didn’t allow me to work my (Colts) therapist, Erin Barill, and I’m just not comfortable taking any chances with this thing,” Manning told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. “Erin knows me. He’s rehabbed me through two other surgeries (neck and knee) and I think most people understand that once you build up a trust with your therapist, that’s the guy you want and need to work with.” Since entering the league in 1998, Manning has started every game for the Colts, all 208 of them. Are we really supposed to believe that Manning, who could have had instant access to any number of the BEST DOCTORS IN THE WORLD, would have chosen to delay rehab at the possible expense of missing a start? If this was a legitimate danger, he could have hired Barill away from the Colts and paid him personally.

Are we also to believe that Manning’s not being ready is even more possible because the Colts signed corpse statue veteran Kerry Collins today as an insurance policy? Insuring Peyton Manning with Kerry Collins is like taking out a policy on a Bentley that covers $100 of damage. Collins is better than what he have seen of Curtis Painter but is not the solution the Colts would look for if Manning really was not going to be ready to play.

Whether or not the Colts beat Texans (who are my sleeper), I think Manning will go on to have a great year. He has been too methodical and too consistently great for me to think otherwise before a season until he is not.

Two things in this situation are certain: Peyton Manning will play and we will grow so exasperated with the Will He or Won’t He speculation that we will somehow grow even more excited for football to finally start.


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