Welcoming Back the NFL With Open Arms

It came back! It came back! When Football went away again in February I was in despair (well, I wasn’t right away because I was ecstatic the Packers WON THE SUPER BOWL but let’s just play along with this break-up, make-up theme for a little while). How could it leave AGAIN? What did I do wrong? Is there anything I could have done differently to prevent this from happening? Did that one time where I missed the first quarter of Packers-Vikings on the drive back from Michigan have broader implications than I realized at the time?

Night after night I went without Football. There were gaping holes emotionally and physically. I missed everything. I missed the Packers. I missed Fantasy. I missed highlights. I missed the Red Zone Channel. I missed the unbelievable elliptical background fodder that was Sunday, Monday, and Thursday Night Football. I missed the touchdowns. WHY DID YOU LEAVE AGAIN? WHAT COULD I HAVE DONE DIFFERENTLY?

How was Football doing without me? I followed all of the Lockout newsflow to my personal detriment, hanging on every word from Albert Breer, Mike Silver, Mike Florio, and Peter King as I wanted to break my TV every time I saw Jeff Pash or Jeffrey Kessler trying to taint my pure, innocent NFL. I started to come to grips with the fact that maybe it wouldn’t come back. I rebounded with Basketball which was great for a little while until IT LEFT ME TOO. In my darker moments I dabbled in WOMEN’S SOCCER. You are starting to see how deep a void Football’s leaving seared in my soul.

I never really got over it, finding myself always checking in, reflecting on what was, and lamenting about what could be. I loved football unconditionally and it just callously went away. Sure, there were signs. When the playoffs started, there were just four games per weekend for two weeks. Then there were two. Then there was zero. Then there was one. I had given the NFL the space it thought it needed but that space just made me more disposable.

Anyways, the NFL has clearly seen the error of its ways. IT’S COMING BACK and I am taking it back in with open arms because it will be DIFFERENT this time. Its love for me will be fulfilling and reciprocal and I know in my heart of hearts that IT WILL NEVER LEAVE AGAIN.

Each Friday, my friend Asif and I will be picking the lines. We will be doing Thursday picks on Thursday so the below is a little bit of an appetizer. Asif writes the blog Uninformed Commentary.

New Orleans @ Green Bay (-4)

Ryan: I really don’t have any bearing on the Saints. I think they could go anywhere from 6-10 to 12-4. They could miss the playoffs entirely or contend for the Super Bowl. Barring injuries to Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, or BJ Raji, the Packers are primed to make a run at repeating as Super Bowl champs.

This line seems a little bit too low but that might just be what Vegas WANTS us to think. The Packers are adding Jermichael Finley, who if healthy will be the best tight end in the universe this season, back to a team that won the Super Bowl. On top of having the potential to absolutely shred apart the NFL this season, Jermichael is the most attractive man I have EVER seen in person and it isn’t even remotely close. I say that with no remorse. He is gorgeous.

I feel like this year might be the reckoning for Sean Payton. He has been quite effective as head coach of the Saints so far but he doesn’t seem like he would be particularly enjoyable to play for. Also, for some reason this scandal, which I initially thought would be quite serious, just completely went away for some reason. From what I can tell, the investigation got curtailed because the “nothing to see here” defense was taken at its word. What goes around tends to come around though and I think this may be the year it all comes crashing down for Payton and the Saints. Packers cover.

Asif: I don’t see what makes New Orleans any better or worse than they were last year. They replaced a former Heisman winning scat back (Reggie Bush), with another former Heisman winner with speed concerns (Mark Ingram). Maybe I’m being crazy, but I have this nagging sense that Ingram may be the next Ron Dayne. A great college back whose lack of speed (and affinity for the buffet) impairs him at the next level. Jeremy Shockey took his tattoos, girly uncut hair and newfangled STDs to Jerry Richardson’s Carolina Panthers, but I don’t think he’ll be missed that much.

The Packers on the other hand, actually look improved to me, especially since Ryan Grant gives them a consistent running game. I think Jordy Nelson is going to take a big step forward this season as well. All of this means that Packers fans like Ryan will be more insufferable than ever, but hey at least they are not the Cowboys or Steelers. You have to be thankful for the little things. Green Bay by a touchdown.


2 Responses to Welcoming Back the NFL With Open Arms

  1. this game has 2 premier nfl QBs. i “love” them both. they are mobil, and find receivers.

    being a bama fan mark ingram fan–he will not become a ron dayne. think of him more an emmett smith. very motivated, never a problem, ultimate team player. he has the discipline to keep in shape, and do what is necessary.

    he has power, but will not be an nfl power bk. like e smith, he does not great speed, just adequate. what he does have like bro emmett is great vision, and an ability to utilize the beef on hoof in front of him. very good receiver out of bkfield. he’ll do his job if if the holes or creases are there.

    this game to me is a toss up. each team is good, but it’s hard to judge this early in season as last yr’s teams are each a bit different than this yr’s teams. it’s a blending process, and the lock out will have some small impact on the cohesion of the units.

  2. F. Weisburgh says:

    Yay, Asif. Yay, Ryan. It was GB by a touchdown, though a bit hairy at the end! But your were right!!!! lol…..Grammy

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