Quick Pick: Raiders @ Chargers

As always, picked against Asif who writes Uninformed Commentary. I went 12-1 last week so this may be the week you want to take whatever I say and bet cold, hard cash ON THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

Oakland @ San Diego (-7)

Ryan: I didn’t get to see any of Raiders-Broncos last weekend but I can’t imagine that Oakland looked very good in losing by two touchdowns to Tim Tebow. This week, Greg Cosell appeared on PFT Live and had the first positive words I’ve seen any rational NFL personality (Herm Edwards is of course excluded) have for Carson Palmer this season:

“I know everybody is focused on the interceptions, but I thought the Palmer threw the ball extremely well. I thought he read coverage well,” Cosell said. “He made about three or four ‘Wow’ throws. He looked comfortable in the pocket. . . . He had good velocity.”

Might Carson Palmer NOT be horrible? Unlikely. But now that everyone realizes how bad he is, I expect him to outperform expectations if only for a week.

The Chargers, meanwhile, are just not a good football team right now. Something is still very off with Philip Rivers and the rest of the team isn’t giving him too much help. These teams have the same record (4-4) and seven points just seems too high. Raiders cover.

Asif: Watching Oakland fumble around in an easily winnable AFC West has been hilarious. Watching Phillip Rivers morph into a weird Jay Cutler/Tony Romo hybrid before our eyes has been even more hilarious. This game is destined to be an epic derp-fest with both teams trying desperately to lose before someone mercifully ends it with a field goal. Raiders cover.


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