Super Bowl XLVI Gameday Diary Part II

Part II of three-part Super Bowl weekend series. This one will focus on the gluttony that was the Super Bowl party I went to.

Went to a Super Bowl party at Matt’s friend Isaac’s apartment on Vilas. The party was enveloped by a perpetual haze that smelled and felt wonderfully. Delicious indulgences were passed around constantly for four hours and I can’t even begin to figure out how to timestamp it but will do my best to tally up everything I ate. I won’t be boring you too much with words on this one.

Raffi, Matt, and I had picked up ingredients for delicious cheeseburgers at Brennan’s Market in the morning and were ready to go to town on the grill.

Ground cheese curds, bread crumbs, and seasonings into the patties.



After grilling burgers and toasting buns, topped with melted mild brick cheese:


(Some of) the rest of the spread at the party:



Final tally of what I ate

  • One dank cheeseburger
  • Five cheese curds
  • Ten pieces of cheese
  • Three pieces of summer sausage
  • Twenty white chocolate covered pretzels
  • Eight double stuff Oreos
  • Three mini cupcakes
  • One-half bowl of chili with piece of lasagna
  • One-half bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • One-half Coke float
  • Indeterminate amounts of pretzels, sour cream and onion Pringles, Tostitos and guacamole
  • One Friday’s any-tizer boneless chicken wing
  • One large-size pig in blanket
  • Two pieces of sweet and spicy Jack’s Link beef jerky

Hope I’m not forgetting anything! My biggest regret is missing out on these delicious-looking meatballs that were passed around. Everything I could have wanted in a Super Bowl party and more. So satisfied and so American. I had been under the assumption that calories don’t count during the Super Bowl weekend but apparently I was mis-informed as I gained 4-5 pounds since Friday morning. No regrets, though (except for missing out on the meatballs). Erasing the damage begins………….now.


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