World Wide Wednesday

How I saw the Internet this week

Deep Routes

– NYTimes’ Keith Bradsher profiles Jeremy Lin’s grandmother in Taiwan. The extent to which his grandparents need to go to avoid the paparazzi is unreal. (via Richard Deitsch)

– Erik Malinowski with an excellent piece on Deadspin about the 20-year anniversary of the classic Simpsons episode Homer at the Bat. The Simpsons backlash referenced in the article is pretty amusing considering that kids now watch Jersey Shore and its other heinous equivalents. Even if it was crass, at least the Simpsons (at that point in time) was well-written, smart, and good.

– NYTimes food critic Pete Wells details Shake Shack’s struggles with consistency. His complaints notwithstanding, we are going to see continued exponential growth from that chain over the next few years (via BobbyBigWheel).

– If you’re into that sort of thing, Jesse Hicks writes on The Verge about the rise and fall of Research in Motion, the company that makes Blackberries.

Quick Reads

– What the US highway system looks like as a subway-style map. This is why the Internet is awesome.

– A University of Michigan student has created a pretty interesting business model: a walk-of-shame taxi service. I think her services are worth more than $5 a ride but maybe she’s trying to build up her volume before she goes for margins.

– SI’s Michael Rosenberg eviscerates Maryland’s head football coach Randy Edsall’s handling of transferring quarterback Danny O’Brien: It starts, “My media colleagues seem to be split in their opinions of Maryland football coach Randy Edsall. One camp thinks Edsall is a self-serving, hypocritical turd. The other camp thinks he is a shameless, ruthless disgrace to his profession.” On second thought, eviscerates might be putting it kindly.

– Every Day Should Be Saturday with an unreal takedown of Darren Rovell, parodying how he would have tweeted historic events of the past century.

– Fascinating weekly segment on Deadspin called Bristolmetrics, in which they break down what % of the 11 PM SportsCenter is devoted to various athletes, teams, and sports. Spoiler alert: Jeremy Lin dominated this week.

– Yahoo’s Kevin Iole details more of the back-and-forth negotiations between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Paquaio. It does as good of a job as possible at making Paqman seem like a sympathetic figure in turning down a $40 million offer. With all the hype for how Allen Iverson possibly could have lost all of his $200 million career earnings, that will seem like nothing in 10-15 years when people try to calculate how in the world Floyd Mayweather could be broke.

Other stuff I wrote this week

– My ‘outrageous food vehicles’ slideshow got aggregated onto the main pages of and Yahoo. I would estimate that it got 10x as many page views as Sports Rapport has COMBINED in its eight months in existence.

– No other new stuff right now but I have a couple good things coming out in the next few days which will make this space SHINE next week.

Food porn

Gonna go straight beef brisket in anticipation of eating at Smoke Shack in Milwaukee for the first time this coming Saturday.

First: Sliced Beef Brisket platter @ Smoque w/ corn bread, mac and cheese, and brisket chili. Grape soda is always delicious with BBQ. That’s science.


Beef Brisket @ Pork Shoppe w/ baked mac & cheese and fresh cut potato fries. Went with Diet Coke because I’m trying to watch my figure.

326348_10101081612791177_8631380_67233963_1706560236_o (1)

The Wire clip of the week

If you’ve watched The Wire, this clip of the 100 greatest quotes from the series is 10 minutes that just has to be spent. If you haven’t watched it yet, there’s nothing I can say at this point. Get on it.

90’s clip of the week

It’s time for One Headlight and Say it Ain’t So to take over for Don’t Stop Believing and Livin’ on a Prayer as the songs that bar DJs play EVERY time we’re out and sometimes twice.


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