World Wide Wednesday

How I saw the Internet this week

Deep Routes

– A throwback from 2005: an exhaustively researched, beautifully written Atlantic piece by David Foster Wallace that delves into all aspects of AM Radio. It’s one of the best things I’ve read in months and worth reading all at once, or if you have massive ADD like I do, keeping open in a tab and reading it bit by bit over the course of a day or two. (Via Will Leitch)

– Time’s Michael Schuman boldly predicts an economic crisis in China. With as much statistics as he’s able to gather in the opaque atmosphere, he shows that China is investing too heavily in the wrong projects and financing the speculation with debt, that there is a real estate bubble (office rent in Beijing now costs more than in New York City), that there is no rule of law or accountability for local governments, and that the growth rate is unsustainable. His piece is now backed up by a World Bank warning to China to free up its economy. (Via Andrew Sullivan)

– The Economist explores China’s authorities’ interesting dilemma as to how strongly to embrace Jeremy Lin given their complicated relations with Taiwan. (via Teller).

– Wired’s Kat Bailey puts together a great long read on the contemporary state of arcades. Somewhat relatedly, my friend Mike Weinberg wrote up a great retroactive review of the classic Simpsons arcade game last week.

– Hundreds of suicides in India linked to microfinance organizations. Very sad read. (via Tucker Slosburg)

Quick Reads

– Buzzfeed offers up 48 pictures that perfectly capture the pop culture of the 90’s. These are outstanding.

– It was a big Internet controversy last week when LeBron James ordered a steak well done and asked for it to be cut up for him. Regularly excellent Clay Travis puts together a list of 10 things he would hire other people to do if he was as rich as LeBron. Without spoiling too much, putting together a panel to create the perfect DVR remote is a wonderful idea.

– WWE Wrestler CM Punk (who is the most compelling character perhaps since Stone Cold Steve Austin) challenges Chris Brown to a fight. For those who are unfamiliar with CM Punk, he is astonishingly eloquent.

– Gawker asks: Should valets be responsible for policing drunk driving?

– CBSSports’ Mike Freeman details NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith’s quest to make agents more accountable to the rules. Harrowing passage: “This all sounds good and again, Smith is a good man with good intent, but the chances of it actually happening are remarkably slim. Runners, unfortunately, are the circulatory system of big-time college football. Their illegalities keep the system afloat. It’s not so different from countries where corruption is integral and normal and without it there would be mass chaos.”

– Simsbury High School, where I graduated from in 2005, ran a drug sweep in which the police department used canines from five other towns and came up empty in its search. I called the police department to try to figure out how much this drug sweep cost and my call was not returned.

– As if their cookies weren’t tempting enough, Girl Scouts are now infiltrating the candy business.

Food Porn

– Chicken Curry Banh Mi @ Bun Mi. This was one of the five best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten.


HOT DOUGS: Left: Smoked Ham Sausage with Cherry Coke BBQ Sauce and Burrata Cheese Middle: Smoked Yak Sausage with Bacon-Garlic Mayonnaise and Queso Tetilla. Right: Bacon and Jalapeno Duck Sausage with Blood Orange Mustard and Smoked Blue Cheese drizzled with Honey. Back: 40-sausage chili topped with sharp cheddar cheese + fries


Words of wisdom from the great philosopher Karl Welzein

DadBoner: Guess Kid Rock is backin’ up that Mitt Romney. Pretty much makes my choice a no brainer. Gotta stay informed, you guys.

DadBoner: I usually skip over the politics, but when Kid Rock throws his hand in the ring, you know somethin heavy is goin on.

The Wire clip of the week – D’Angelo Barksdale teaches Wallace and Bodie how to play chess. Great scene with no spoilers even if you have never watched The Wire:

90s clip of the week

Space Jam trailer!!! I tried to find the epic ending to the game between The Toon Squad and The Monsters–which meant everything! Imagine if Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley never got their talent back?–but it got pulled from Youtube by Time Warner. The trailer suffices, though:


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