World Wide Wednesday

Lots of long reads this week…

Deep Routes

– NYTimes’ Adam Davidson writes about nannies in New York City getting paid up to $180,000 a year. See if you can guess some of the reasons before reading. (Via Richard Deitsch)

– BusinessWeek’s Felix Gillette profiles Buzzfeed, specifically citing how Buzzfeed has taken a methodical approach to getting people to ‘like’ its content. As someone who tries to push Internet content, this piece was fascinating. (Via Longreads)

– This throwback piece by Wright Thompson on the seasons of SEC Football gave me the chills. Is it September yet? To-do list for this Fall: get to a big SEC rivalry game and bask in the tailgate and atmosphere. Anyone down to start making preliminary plans?

– Gizmodo’s Mat Honan presents the Case Against Google. I’m essentially under the impression that everything we do online is tracked by any number of large corporations and maybe even the government. While I’m a little squeamish about it, it’s reality and we have to use the Internet with the conscious thought that anything we do online is being watched and could potentially be exposed down the line. As we devolve further and further into our screens, we will relinquish just about all of our privacy.

– SI’s Peter King details the decision-making process that led Peyton Manning to the Broncos.

– On Gawker, Rich Juzwiak gives some solid analysis as to why so many movies are being watered down–both pre- and post-production–to get a PG-13 rating (Hint: it involves money). Also, Max Read provides a guide to the idiotic racist backlash to Traybon Martin. This case seems pretty cut and dry; not really sure how all this became a debate.

– Long GQ profile of Pitbull. He seems like a nice enough guy with genuine humility so I’m going to bite my tongue on what I originally planned to write about him here. Suffice to say his music isn’t particularly appealing to me.

– From the SI Vault circa 1993: Gary Smith profiles Jim Valvano in his last days. (Via Wright Thompson)

Quick Reads

Best of Draw Something. It’s simply unreal that people can create these with their fingers on an iPhone screen. (Via Brandon Rifkin)

Chicken and Waffles flavored syrup!!!! (Via Drew Magary)

– On Yahoo, Dan Wetzel explores the dichotomy between Rick Pitino and John Calipari. Pat Forde writes about a household divided by the Louisville-Kentucky rivalry. Wetzel and Forde are regularly excellent but they have been KILLING it during the NCAA Tournament.

– As only he can, Clay Travis chronicles the poor cost/benefit analysis that led a Kentucky fan to put up his wife on Craigslist in hopes of scoring Final Four tickets.

Food Porn

My friend Tom smoked Kielbasa, Ribs, and Beef Brisket last night. It was an exquisite treat but he might have ruined beef brisket for me forever as I chase the dragon to try to somehow replicate the bold flavors. My trainer may or may not give me a dirty look today when he sees the results of the feast.

Brisket + Ribs before:


Ribs after:

Brisket after



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One Response to World Wide Wednesday

  1. Frankie Weisburgh says:

    You sure must do a powerful lot of reading. And good thinking to sum up the news so succinctly! lol, G&P

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