World Wide Wednesday

Do YOU have interesting links? Are YOU an amateur food pornographer? Please submit anything of interest and share if you like!

Deep Routes

– Rolling Stone’s Janet Reitman tells the broader story of institutionalized boorish behavior at prestigious Dartmouth fraternities through the prism of controversial whistleblower Andrew Lohse. This abusive behavior was going to have to go pretty far to shock and disgust me and it went well beyond that line (think forcing pledges to throw up on each other/bathe in vomit and urine). One unsaid but sort of implied aspect of this story: Timothy Geithner, Hank Paulson, Stephen Mandel, and Jeffery Immelt, who were named in the article among the nation’s elite to have moved through Dartmouth’s fraternity system, probably engaged in similar ritualistic hazing. (Via Teller)

– As ESPN finally starts to face some cable sports network competition from CBS and NBC, Clay Travis conducts a fascinating sports media mock draft. I think that he overrates Jon Gruden and Colin Cowherd and underrates Bill Simmons and Michael Wilbon but overall it’s a really interesting read. PS – Clay Travis may well find himself on this list in a few years – his writing and podcast/radio work are excellent–the rare combination of thoughtful and funny–and he makes his debut as a panelest on Jim Rome’s new CBS show in a couple weeks.

– On Gawker, Hamilton Nolan spends a weekend in Arkansas with the KKK, who are more pathetic than scary at this point. Caity Weaver points us to a study that shows that we are actually more productive working from home (a FIRM belief of mine) and weighs the pros and cons.

– On The Awl, Jim Behrle provides tongue in cheek–but still valuable–advice on How to Write The Great American Novel. Aside from his edict to stop wasting time on the Internet (this column alone proves my guilt in that category), I think I measure up pretty well to the steps. If I ever completely withdraw from society for 1-3 years, that’s probably what I’m trying to do.

– In the NY Times, Sam Borden tells the story of bookies using the Internet to make their processes more efficient. It’s a pretty interesting combination of old practices being streamlined with new technology but it’s impossible to read without wondering why in the world the government doesn’t legalize, regulate, and tax online gambling instead of allowing the black market to flourish. (Via Clay Travis)

– The excellent Spencer Hall writes a tearjerking eulogy on his recently departed dog, Isis.

– On Deadspin, Will Leitch reviews Slapshot for its 35th anniversary and tells why it could never be made today. That being said,  Slapshot is particularly prescient in the wake of the Saints’ bounty scandal.

Quick Reads

– In the LA Times, Lauren Williams and Mike Anton write about the sad state of Dennis Rodman’s current affairs. Besides everyone, nobody saw this coming. (Via Richard Deitsch)

– Slate’s Matthew Yglesias profiles the man behind Lender’s Bagels. “Murray Lender, who died this week, revolutionized America by making a great product worse—but more convenient. We need more people like him.” (Via Andrew Sullivan)

– On The Big Lead, Jason Lisk uses math and some extrapolation to conclude that the Jets should always go for two with Tim Tebow. They won’t do it but Lisk predicts that they’d score four more points over the course of the season if they did.

– On The Classical, Tom Scharpling points out that every major college basketball coach looks like a movie villain and defines their roles. My favorite: “19. Mike Krzyzewski (Duke): Kindly watchmaker who has been stealing the breath of children in the neighboring village.”

– On Yahoo, The Mighty MJD writes a very thoughtful column about why he feels scuzzy knowing the Wonderlic scores of NFL draftees. The Union should come out HARD against these leaks and demand that whoever is responsible loses his job. If Goodell is going to be judge, jury, and executioner of player conduct, he needs to have his own house in order.

Cool Stuff My Family is Doing

– My aunt Judy recently started a great web site called Skillbites, which sells high quality eBooks for under $5. My aunt Betsy just put out an eBook on 6 Keys to Effective Sales. A few weeks ago, my grandmother wrote Herbs 101, a great guide to growing natural natural herbs and using them to make spices.

– As I was working on a slideshow for The Daily Meal (which probably won’t come to fruition but that’s neither here nor there), the Mets called me and asked if I wanted to taste test all of their food. I couldn’t do it but asked if my grandparents could serve as my proxy. Here’s their piece.

– My cousin Adrianne recently started a cooking/baking blog, Adie Cakes. The brown sugar banana bread looks (and I’m sure is) particularly phenomenal. Eating well (deliciously if not always healthily) runs on both sides of my family.

– My cousin Wills is going to be DJ’ing and providing context for a curated selection Afropop and Footwork music tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM EST on WFMU. For more information on his work in these areas, see his Tumblr.

– My uncle Mitch writes a great blog on education policy and business.

Food Porn

Steak Tacos at Nueva de Leon in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel @ Four Moon Tavern, an outstanding neighborhood bar a few blocks from me in Roscoe Village.


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  1. mweisburgh says:

    Ryan, thanks for posting the link. Missed you (and your brother and sister) this weekend, but hope to see you soon.

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