World Wide Wednesday

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Deep Routes

– The unbelievable storyteller Wright Thompson rides around Augusta, GA with James Brown’s daughter and gives poignant anecdotes about Brown’s career, death, former bandmates, and complicated estate lawsuits. In it, he also links to Sean Flynn’s 2009 LONG GQ profile on Brown which provides impressively intricate details of the estate lawsuits.

– In response to last week’s horrifying Rolling Stone profile of fraternity hazing and overall boorish behavior (a tradition unlike any other!), Dartmouth alumnus Ravital Segal details the hazing she suffered through as a student, coming literally within a sip of alcohol of dying during her pledgeship of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. (Via Jezebel)

– Greg A. Bedard’s weekly NFL notes column in the Boston Globe is absolute must-read for football fans. This week, he exposed the NFLPA for agreeing to sort of a crappy deal in the CBA (which, honestly, who really cares because we didn’t have to miss any football!) and broke the story that Warren Sapp has essentially been fired by NFL Network after Sapp reported that Jeremy Shockey was the snitch in Bountygate. I miss the good ‘ol days when Bedard was covering the Packers.

– Don Van Natta Jr wrote an expansive summary of the Penn State scandal for ESPN the Magazine. While the shady politics that led to the curious timing of the Jerry Sandusky investigation are very interesting and new, I continue to REFUSE to believe that Joe Paterno didn’t know that Sandusky was originally investigated in 1998. Sandusky’s subsequent abrupt retirement makes no sense under any other circumstances. Believing that Paterno was magically ignorant of the original investigation is like thinking that Moses actually parted the Red Sea.

– Gawker’s newest writer: a mole inside Fox News! Really hoping that he/she/it exposes something especially worthwhile before being outed. Bold prediction: Gawker, under the leadership of editor AJ Daulerio, is going to uncover a groundbreaking scandal that utterly derails Mitt Romney’s campaign. Not that I expect Romney to need Gawker’s help in the matter, though.

– More shadiness comes out on the Dodgers sale, of which Asif wrote at the time made absolutely no sense at over $2 billion. On Dealbook, Andrew Ross Sorkin uses his unparalleled access to High Finance sources to write that the Dodgers are likely being bought as a toy with insurance investors’ money. Key passage: “’Paying $1.5 billion or $1.6 billion — I can get there. But anything after that is pure ego,” said a longtime sports banker who worked for a rival bidder for the Dodgers. “We’ve done the math. At that price, it just doesn’t make any sense unless you want to be the king of Los Angeles.’” (via Teller)

 Quick Reads

– Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein sound cranky, old, and out of touch in implying that the Watergate scandal would not have been unearthed in the big, bad Internet age. “The truth of what goes on is not on the Internet,” Woodward said. “[The Internet] can supplement. It can help advance. But the truth resides with people. Human sources.” Yes, human sources that you can still in fact interact in person as well as via phone, text, email, BBM, Twitter direct message, Facebook message, GChat, etc. While many aspects of sociality are going to suffer as we devolve further and further into our screens, journalists have more tools at their disposal to uncover the truth than ever, despite what anecdotal evidence of a class at Yale’s being poor critical thinkers would have Woodward and Bernstein have us believe.

– Business Insider’s Nicholas Carlson tells the incredible story of OMGPOP, an application developer that had to lay off its code developers in order to free up the cash to operate for the next month or two before ultimately folding, struck gold with the Draw Something app, and rehired its laid off workers to share in the wealth from the sale. There ARE some good people in the world!

– By Katie Notopoulos on Buzzfeed: 27 toys that are worth a lot on eBay. My major issue with this piece is that it uses the Storage Wars valuation method of blindly saying that crap is worth what sellers say it is. Nevermind that buyers have an equal hand in market value and must consummate products’ worth. My theory is that all this stuff is so outrageously expensive on eBay because these sellers post the same items for lower prices in different auctions so buyers think they are getting bargains based on the outrageous cost they see on the same search. (Via Drew Magary)

– On Extreme Tech, Sebastian Anthony estimates that 30% of the Internet’s bandwidth is consumed watching porn (and not of the food variety which I traffic in). That’s, um, a lot. Also, it names names of the sites that people spend the most time on so make sure to take notes! It’s probably fortunate that I didn’t come across this article when I was 15.

– My friend Brad pointed me to a neat SI feature, which quantifies who is leading the NBA in “hockey assists,” meaning passes that lead to assists.

– My friend Judd, who I would bet even money odds on to make over $100 million in his life, pointed out a cool new app called Beautiful Day Brian, which automatically emails you when your locale will be gorgeous outside. Somewhat relatedly, has anyone watched local news lately? They still tease the weather into commercials. Anyone with a brain can figure out the weather forecast in less than 10 seconds by using Bob Woodward’s big, bad Internet; at some point you would hope that they’re going to need to come up with other teasers to keep people around for the breaks.

Food Porn

Kimchi fries at Del Seoul – w/ sauteed Kimchi, onions, pork belly, scallions, sesame seeds, sour cream, and cheddar/jack cheese. They also have phenomenal tacos. Food forecast: this fast-casual Korean BBQ/Mexican fusion spot in Lincoln Park will eventually expand to perhaps two dozen locations or more across the country.

Chili cheese dog @ Murphy’s Dog House (Chicago).

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  1. Frankie Weisburgh says:

    loooove that food porn! G&P

  2. Frankie Weisburgh says:

    Also like the straight sports stuff!!! G&P again

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