World Wide Wednesday

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Here’s how I saw the Internet last week:

Deep Routes

– The normally coarse Drew Magary REALLY shows his depth and introspection in this Deadspin piece that details the saga of his 3rd child’s being born seven weeks pre-mature. If you click one thing this week, this should be it.

– Continuing the hazing discussion from the last two weeks, Michael Winerip pens a long NYTimes piece on hazing at Cornell (and in general), where a sophomore in SAE died in a 2011 incident.

– On Prospect, Gabriel Arana writes extensively about his “ex-gay” therapy that his mother sent him to. (Via Longreads)

– This Men’s Journal cover story by Jeff Tietz about the 150-mile stretch land in the Arizona desert along the Mexican border where drug and human smuggling has created a lawless society is fascinating. (Via Longreads)

– Will Leitch writes a GQ cover story on Derrick Rose. Moral of the story: D-Rose does not like being around other people, especially strangers.

– On Slate, Tom Scocca says that MS Word is cumbersome and inefficient and that it’s time for it to die. Ray Fisman details how patent trolls patent assertion entities are impacting (he uses the word destroying but I apparently own stock in the article’s main culprit) innovation.

– Wright Thompson provides more context for why people in Miami were so upset about the Ozzie Guillen story. It turns out that their reaction was comparatively tame when you take into account people who have been killed for saying things that weren’t as bad.

Quick Reads

– A little boy got lost from his older brother/family at age 5 in India and had to fend for himself on the streets and was later adopted by a family in Australia. 25 years later, he was able to find his old village using a combination of Google Maps and his spacial memory and reunited with his mother. (Via pourmecoffee)

– NYTimes’ Nicholas Kristof: For every US soldier killed on the battlefield, 25 commit suicide. (Via Richard Deitsch)

– Clay Travis writes that Tony Kornheiser is the most talented man working in sports media today and makes a case so compelling that it is very hard to disagree with. I always wonder what it would be like to have grown up with the Boston Globe or Washington Post sports sections in their heydays. Having easy access to EVERYONE’S writing, though, must be better.

– Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky tells of a Finance guy in New York City who keeps a VERY detailed spreadsheet about his online dating prospects. While it’s a little bit weird, I definitely don’t think it’s as creepy as the story portrays. This guy probably doesn’t have a whole lot of time on his hands and he has a decent amount of women to keep track of. Given the scope of his organization, I would bet a lot of money that he makes a lot of money.

– Ranch dressing is “the new ketchup.” (Via Will Pendleton)

– On CNN/Fortune, Leah McGrath Goodman points out that more drilling in the US hasn’t led to lower domestic oil prices because it is traded in the international market.


Carne Asada bruschetta at Rose Angelis (Chicago)

I made chicken pesto pasta and cheesy garlic bread last night.

Mud Pie at Sheffield’s (Chicago)

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