Finding Pappy Van Winke, CTD

“I don’t normally drink beer, and when I don’t I drink Pappy Van Winkle” – What the Most Interesting Man in the World would say if he was given a truth elixer.

If you recall from a few weeks ago, I put an APB out on Pappy Van Winkle, the elusive bourbon that takes a lot of work to find but is worth every minute and every penny.

My friend Kyle, who writes for FeedMeKC, went down to New Orleans for Jazz Fest and found the elusive 23-year bottle at the Sazerac at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans:

If this got you thirsty for some good bourbon, Kyle recently put out a recipe on how to make grilled lemonade bourbon cocktails – stay thirsty my friends!

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One Response to Finding Pappy Van Winke, CTD

  1. mweisburgh says:

    I don’t think any bourbon will beat Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout Bourbon:

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