NFL News and Notes

Rex Ryan says that he is done making guarantees. I guarantee that this is false.

Joe Flacco and the Ravens are nowhere close to hammering out a long-term deal. If the Ravens are smart, this will remain the case for perpetuity–locking up a league-average quarterback when your team’s window of opportunity with its current core is on the verge of closing probably isn’t the best way to ensure a sustainable re-building process.

Chris Johnson says that he’s still the best back in the league. This is delusional on two levels: a) he’s not, and b) he was never better than Adrian Peterson.

– Uh-oh alert: NFL will begin hiring and training replacement refs this month. NFL officiating is actually really, really good. How far apart can the current officials and NFL actually be?

Jim Brown criticizes Browns owner Randy Lerner + franchise. He has a pretty good point; the Browns have been absolutely rudderless.

– Eagle Nation’s terrifying nightmare appears to be over: Jason Babin flip-flops on running with the bulls.


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