My Haul From Chicago’s Sausage Fest

Sausage Fest took place in Chicago this weekend behind Wrigley Field on Sheffield between Addison and Waveland. While it didn’t have as eclectic a mix of food and art as Do Division Festival, it was a great way to spend an hour or two before it got PACKED.

After careful deliberation, here’s what I ended up eating:

Ouisconsin – Beef sausage with bleu cheese in the center (if you look closely you can see it peeking through). From Gilbert’s Sausages.

Sheboygan Brat – Topped with Chakalaka, a spicy South Aftican mix of onions, tomatoes, and beans. Bun lined with cheddar pub cheese. From Haute Sausage.

I also got Summer Sausage chips from Paulina Meat Market and, while the pictures didn’t turn out well, they were outstanding. In case you’re wondering, at least four people have expressed shock at how thin I look this week since I last saw them.


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One Response to My Haul From Chicago’s Sausage Fest

  1. Thanks for coming out and trying our Ouisconsin – hope you had a good time!

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