How Much Would 304 Lb. Giants Tackle David Diehl Need To Drink To Blow A .18?

Last night, 10th-year Giants tackle David Diehl became the latest in a flurry of NFL players to get arrested for DWI, allegedly blowing a .18 after smashing into several parked cars.

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Two weeks ago, I argued that NFL DUIs should be subject to an automatic four-game suspension. Diehl’s DUI is especially troublesome because he is 31 years old, there are approximately 7,832,928 cabs in New York City, and he was somehow able to blow a .18 despite weighing over 300 pounds.

At 304 pounds, how much David Diehl need to drink and how quickly would he need to do it? According to the BAC calculator, he would have needed to consume 17 drinks–shots, beers, mixed drinks, or glasses of wine–in three hours to blow a .176.


The NFLPA has a system set up in where players can get driven home in a Town Car for $85. They’re aware of the service; the number for the safe ride is on the back of their union cards. The $85 price might seem exorbitant but if David Diehl was drinking at a bar in Manhattan you have to figure that he spent twice that much on booze. He signed a 6-year, $31 million contract in 2008; he can afford it.

There is absolutely no excuse for Diehl to put the lives of innocent people at risk by getting behind the wheel after having had that much to drink. It’s sheer luck that he hit empty parked cars instead of moving vehicles or pedestrians.


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One Response to How Much Would 304 Lb. Giants Tackle David Diehl Need To Drink To Blow A .18?

  1. Taylor says:

    Only 17 drinks?…this guy’s got nothing on Wade Boggs.

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