Cowboy Burger at John’s Place (Chicago)

Headed to dinner at John’s Place in Roscoe Village last night and ordered the Cowboy Burger: a burger topped with sharp cheddar pub cheese, caramelized onions, bacon jam, and BBQ sauce:

The flavor combination of the toppings was incredible – they all melded together really well, with no single item dominating. Oftentimes, BBQ sauce can be overpowering on burgers but this was not the case.

One complaint, though, is that the burger was a standardized, cookie cutter patty instead of being freshly hand ground. At $11, I feel like we’re owed more. There is a burger place down the street, Mario and Gino’s, which has a similar quality burger with better fries and a free soda for $6. While the toppings at Mario and Gino’s aren’t as bold as John’s Place, it’s still much better value. Here is the M & G’s burger for comparison:

Curley fries make an ordinary burger extraordinary


Holy guac-aioli burger + smoked bacon and bleu cheese fries at DMK Burger Bar

New chef-inspired Cantina Bell line at Taco Bell

Sausage Fest!


2 Responses to Cowboy Burger at John’s Place (Chicago)

  1. i’m trying to create the ultimate burger….. whats yours?

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