Finding Pappy Van Winkle, CTD

A few weeks ago, I put an APB out on Pappy Van Winkle, the elusive bourbon that takes a lot of work to find but is worth every minute and every penny. Whiskey Advocate Blog recently sought to find out what was in a bottle of the exquisite whiskey:

Because the Van Winkle whiskeys are so rare, esteemed and costly, there is always a great deal of interest in where they were made. Sources changed over the years and it can be hard to keep up. It is impossible for anyone, even the Van Winkles, to say with certainly what any given bottle contains, though except for the rye, everything in recent years has been Buffalo Trace, Bernheim, or Stitzel-Weller, individually or in combination. They create a profile prior to bottling, based on what they have available and how much whiskey they need, then dump barrels accordingly.

Reader @mbeemsterboer found the 15-year aged bourbon at Greenbush Bar in Madison, WI last night; Greenbush also carries Pappy Van Winkle Rye and the 20- and 23-year aged bourbons.

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