Making Bison/Lamb Juicy Lucy’s with Buttermilk Ranch Cheese Curds Topped with Wisconsin Brick Cheese and Bacon

Whenever my good friends and I get together to grill, we do it big. For the Fourth of July, it was our obligation as patriotic Americans to do Independence Day justice. Enacting a “Never Say No” policy at Metcalfe’s and Brennan’s Market in Madison, WI, we set a lofty goal for ourselves: to create the best burgers we’ve ever eaten.

Upon crafting bison/lamb Juicy Lucy’s stuffed with buttermilk ranch cheese curds and topped with Wisconsin brick cheese and specialty bacon on a pretzel bun, we passed with flying colors. The flavor symphony was more beautiful than any orchestra; ketchup and mustard were simply unnecessary.

Here’s how we made them:

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Aaron Rodgers was Just Named the Best Player in the NFL by His Peers. What is his Ceiling?

Wednesday night, NFL Network’s 100 Best Players in the NFL–as voted by players–concluded with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers being named #1. (In related news, water is wet, fish swim, the sky is blue, and the Cubs won’t win the World Series this year.) While NFL Network didn’t disclose it, it’s safe bet that Rodgers won in a landslide, perhaps approaching his domination of the 2011 MVP award where he received 48 of 50 first-place votes.

Photo credit: Bleacher Report

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Kevin, the Sports Rapport reader who graciously provided me the tickets to the three matches I went to in Poland last week, sent in his view from today’s Italy vs Germany EuroCup semi-final match in Warsaw:

In case you missed them, here are my EuroCup entries:

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Reader Dana sent in his seats from the Coliseum for Giants-A’s this past Sunday:

Heat Owner Mickey Arison Says Franchise Would Be “Lucky to Break Even” and “Won the Right Way”

Yesterday, Miami Heat owner Mickey Arison went on the Dan LeBatard show and had some pretty interesting things to say about the team’s season. (Find the full conversation on iTunes–it’s the one from 6-25 labeled with James Jones and Ozzie Guillen as guests–at about the 35-minute mark.)

Photo credit: Forbes

LeBatard and Arison discussed the financial status of the Heat organization:

LeBatard: [Earlier], you corrected me on saying that you were running a business. Was that correction because, basically, the Miami Heat haven’t made enough money the last 20 years and this is the first time they’ve turned a profit in the last couple?

Arison: We have lost money every year except the first year LeBron was here and we have lost hundreds of millions of dollars since we built American Airlines Arena. I don’t know if we’ll make money this year or not until all the numbers come in. Obviously, having a playoff run including a seven-game series helps a lot but with the new luxury tax–the new revenue sharing–I think we’ll be lucky to break even but I don’t think we will break even.

LeBatard: Can you explain that to somebody who doesn’t understand, Mickey? Because that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I don’t understand how that can possibly be–where you have the most successful basketball team in the world and you can’t make money.

Arison: It’s the system. It’t the market. Just to give you a sense of numbers–and this is just ballpark, right?–my guess annually 20 million dollars for my TV rights. Teams like the Knicks, or Chicago, or LA will get between 75 and 150. My gate could be a million, a million-1, a million-2. Madison Square Garden is 2.5 million. And guess what? My salaries are the same as those guys. If you’re New York, Chicago, or LA, it’s a business. Anywhere else in the country, it’s a hobby.

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Got a lot of submissions in the past week:

My uncle Mitch went to Petco Field on Saturday for Mariners @ Padres

My sister Claire went to Busch Stadium for Royals @ Cardinals

Reader Teller sends in Orioles @ Mets at Citi Field

How To Make Enchilada Pie in a Dutch Oven on an Open Fire

Back in my summer camp days, we used to do cabin cookout on Monday nights; here cabin groups would prepare meals over an open fire. Once I learned how to master its preparation as a counselor, enchilada pie was my favorite thing to make:

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