Sports Rapport Is Closed Through Monday, July 9th

I’m headed up to Wisconsin AKA God’s Country for a week and will not be doing any posting.

If you find yourself struggling to make it throughout the week without my sports and food commentary, here are some of my greatest hits from the past year:

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Don C. was at Roger Federer’s great comeback at Wimbledon on Friday:

Kevin O. was at the Eurocup finals between Italy and Spain in Kiev yesterday:

David F. sends the view from his hotel overlooking the Skydome in Toronto:

New Emails Confirm That Joe Paterno Acted in Self-preservation to Cover Up Sandusky Crimes

When word first came out that former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was being charged with child molestation and we had time to process the gruesome grand jury report, it seemed pretty cut and dry that Joe Paterno and Penn State administrators Gary Schultz, Tim Curley, and Graham Spanier conspired to cover up Sandusky’s heinous crimes. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

Penn State administrators were more concerned with self-preservation than justice for past victims and prevention of future ones.

Telling Sandusky “not to bring any Second Mile children into the football building” sends a clear signal that Curley and Schultz did not care about sexual abuse victims as long as Penn State would not be implicated in them and be held liable.

Considering this callousness and utter lack of responsibility for humanity, it is not a stretch to believe that Curley, Schultz, Spanier, and Paterno chose not to go to the authorities with this matter because they did not want to incur intense scrutiny from the media and general public as to a) why Sandusky wasn’t prosecuted the first time he was investigated despite a mountain of evidence which included a tacit admission, and b) why he was still allowed unfettered access to campus facilities with young boys from his charity when he had been investigated for sexually deviant behavior in the past.

Media coverage wouldn’t have been AS bad as it has been this week if in 2002 Sandusky was turned in to authorities because there would not have been such an egregious cover-up and the internet had not yet evolved into what it is today. However, it would not have been pretty for those in power at Penn State. Couple that with the fact that the Nittany Lions were not winning on the field (they had no bowl appearances from 2000-2002) and Paterno would have had an extremely difficult time keeping his job in a scandal where his long-time defensive coordinator–who had been previously accused–raped an underage boy in the football team’s locker room. Jobs would have been lost and Penn State’s pristine reputation would have been immensely and perhaps irreparably tarnished. Only now, it’s worse.

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I snuck into some pretty good ones after getting into Wrigley for $15 right before the pouring rain turned into an absolutely beautiful day…

Paul Maholm pitched 8.1 shutout innings and Alfonso Soriano hit a home run onto Waveland as the Cubs blanked the Astros 4-0.

Aaron Rodgers was Just Named the Best Player in the NFL by His Peers. What is his Ceiling?

Wednesday night, NFL Network’s 100 Best Players in the NFL–as voted by players–concluded with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers being named #1. (In related news, water is wet, fish swim, the sky is blue, and the Cubs won’t win the World Series this year.) While NFL Network didn’t disclose it, it’s safe bet that Rodgers won in a landslide, perhaps approaching his domination of the 2011 MVP award where he received 48 of 50 first-place votes.

Photo credit: Bleacher Report

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Kevin, the Sports Rapport reader who graciously provided me the tickets to the three matches I went to in Poland last week, sent in his view from today’s Italy vs Germany EuroCup semi-final match in Warsaw:

In case you missed them, here are my EuroCup entries:

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Reader Dana sent in his seats from the Coliseum for Giants-A’s this past Sunday:

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