Chad Ochocinco Absent From Patriots OTAs. Would it Surprise Anybody if He’s Released Soon?

Boston Globe’s Greg A. Bedard reports that Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco was not present at the team’s OTAs today. No reason was given. While he hasn’t been cut yet, it’s a matter of when and not if it will happen.

Photo Credit: Fan Pop

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World Wide Wednesday

How I saw the Internet this week

Deep Routes

– On Gawker, Drew Magary urges you to stop complaining about Bloomberg’s ban on massive sodas:

If you think that a ban on large sodas is somehow an affront to America freedom, I have news for you: You don’t live in a free country. You never have and you never will. That’s an illusion. You are not free to murder people in America. You are not free to stand in the middle of an intersection and block traffic like an asshole. You do not have the absolute freedom to do anything you want in America, and that’s a good thing, because living somewhere with absolute freedom means you live in fucking Deadwood. There are a million different laws and rules that come with being an American, and we, as a collective, put all those annoying rules in there of our own accord. Democracy doesn’t mean “Hey you, go do whatever the fuck you want.” It means that you get to choose the people that represent you in government, and hope that they create and enforce the laws that help us function as a civilized society.

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Packers Super Bowl Ring Recovered in Federal Heroin Bust

Via Annie Sweeney at the Chicago Tribune:

The arrest of several members of a drug trafficking organization with ties to Mexico has resulted in the seizure of heroin, weapons and jewelry — including a 2010 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl ring that was reported stolen from a team executive – while arresting several Chicago-area members of a Mexican drug-trafficking organization, federal authorities said today.

hat tip: NFL Around The League

Here’s what the ring looks like:

Photo Credit:

When I first saw the headline, I was kind of hoping that it would be a mystery as to whose Super Bowl ring had recently gone missing. If that were true, there’s only one man I’d want on the case: Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

Anyone know which team executive it belonged to yet?


– Pork and Veal Meatballs + Neapolitan Spinaci Pizza @ Frasca Pizzeria

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Reader purple panda (unfortunately not his real name–he requested anonymity) sent in this picture from Cubs-Giants at AT&T Park Friday night. This stadium is on my sports bucket list.


13th Row at Fenway

Suite Seats at Target Field

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A Heat-Spurs Final Would Be a Classic Juxtaposition

The past few days, as a Heat-Spurs NBA Finals seemed like destiny–an assumption that proved a bit premature last night as the Thunder held serve on their home court and shellacked the Spurs–the teams’ stylistic differences have been magnified. The Heat were built from free agency, the foundation of the Spurs comes from the draft. San Antonio has some of the most beautiful ball movement in basketball history while Miami gets a lot of its scoring from Dwyane Wade and LeBron James iso sets. You never know where the Spurs’ scoring will come from on any given night while you know that if the Heat live and die by LeBron and Wade’s production.

Photo Credit:

The differences extend beyond than their play on the court. Does this explain the diametrically opposite styles?

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Ugh, the Spurs are Gonna Win, Aren’t They?

by Asif Attarwala

This year’s NBA Playoffs have been great. We’ve seen a number one seed go down in the first round (Bulls), the Lakers implode (always fun), the rebirth of one of the sport’s greatest rivalries (Celtics – Sixers), the birth of what could be the league’s next dynasty — or next late 90s/ early 00s Sacramento Kings — (Oklahoma City), and the sport’s best player taking his game to the next level (LeBron). That’s why it’s such a shame that these playoffs are going to end in the least compelling way possible: a championship for the San Antonio Spurs, the blandest, least dominant “dominant” team in NBA history. Think about it, every other possible outcome is way more exciting than the Spur’s winning. If the Heat win, it’s LeBron’s coronation, he’ll cement his legacy, and Skip Bayless will have one less talking point. If the Thunder win, it’s the birth of a potential dynasty and Kevin Durant potentially surpasses LeBron as the game’s best player (Kobe remains in the conversation). If the Celtics win it’s a last hurrah for three Hall of Famers, who rejuvenated the Association’s most storied franchise, plus riot potential. The Spurs? Another championship for a consistent, but boring team that never won two in a row and would have been stomped by any of the teams that won the title between theirs. No one wants to see that. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable.

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The Twins May Be Dismal This Year But This View Is Suite

My friend Matt went to Twins-A’s last night and had a pretty nice view from the General Mills box.

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